„There is no better exercise
for strengthening the heart
than reaching down
and LIFTING people up.“

Give joy with Onetribe Foundation

Do you enjoy giving? Your season is in full swing…  The most beautiful time of the year when a gift means so much to some.

Our mission

Onetribe Foundation aims to unite people of different races, cultures, religions and languages around the world. We break down cultural, ethnic, language, age and color boundaries with the sole aim of solving global but always very personal problems that many children, young people and people around the world face.

We challenge them all to be bring the best future we can and fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 to achieve ZERO HUNGER, quality EDUCATION, POVERTY and PEACE in the world.

Connecting people around the world means solving problems together, seeing them together and see together how we can create a more beautiful world for all of us.

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