OBJECTIVES OF THE „Nigeria Green and Clean“ PROJECT

Environmental Protection and Promotion of Women’s Employment in Nigeria.

The project „Nigeria green and clean“ was presented by Dukaty property, s.r.o. and in our cooperation, with the aim of creating awareness about the importance of environmental protection and was founded with the idea of creating collection points for plastic bottles in Delta State, Nigeria  https://dukaty.sk/.

The “Nigeria Green and Clean” project is an initiative that aims to create positive changes in the lives of local people, increase their standard of living and also positively impact the environment in Delta State, Nigeria. Our project, which focuses on creating places to collect plastic bottles, is committed to empowering women by providing employment opportunities, improving their quality of life and contributing to environmental sustainability.

One of the key goals of our project is to employ women in the collection and recycling of plastic bottles. By involving women in this process, we aim to address gender inequalities, provide economic empowerment and support women’s participation in the work process. Through training and skills development programs, we equip these women with the necessary tools to actively contribute to the sustainability of their communities.

The project’s impact on women’s lives is profound. For many women in Nigeria, employment opportunities are limited and their access to financial resources is often very limited. However, through our project, these women now have a chance to earn a sustainable income and improve their standard of living. By creating collection points for plastic bottles, we provide these women with the means to actively contribute to the financing of their households and also become advocates of environmental protection.

By collecting plastic bottles, we significantly reduce plastic waste in the environment. Our project will have a positive impact on the environment, as plastic bottles that would end up in landfills, streets, oceans and other surrounding areas are collected and then recycled. Plastic bottle collection sites will create job opportunities for people.

Through our project, we actively address the problem of pollution and sustainability by promoting recycling as a means of managing and reusing plastic waste. In doing so, we create a cleaner and healthier environment for women and their communities as well. In addition, the „Nigeria Green & Clean“ project wants to raise the standard of living of all citizens. Recycling is an important aspect of the circular economy and has been shown to help create economic value for society by creating jobs and providing access to raw materials that would otherwise end up on the streets or seas. By creating collection points for plastic bottles, people can directly contribute to the state’s economy by engaging in the recycling process.

As plastic bottle collection points create employment and contribute to a cleaner environment, the project increases the overall quality of life in the state. With a cleaner environment, reduced pollution and improved waste management practices, Delta State is becoming a more attractive place to live, work and invest.

At the end:

The „Nigeria Green and Clean“ project is having a transformative impact on women, the environment and increasing living standards in Delta State, Nigeria. By creating places to collect plastic bottles and employing women in the process, we solve gender inequality, strengthen the economic position of women and promote sustainability. By reducing plastic waste and creating a cleaner environment, the project enhances the overall quality of life of communities in Delta State. Our project ultimately serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering inclusive growth and creating a more sustainable future for women and their communities. Our efforts in Delta State, Nigeria are proof of the impact we can have when we work together for a better, cleaner and more sustainable society and environment.

If you want to support our project, you can do so on our website in the HOW TO HELP section https://www.onetribe.foundation/darujte/