The Onetribe Cause

Onetribe Foundation’s purpose is to connect people of different races, cultures, religions and languages around the world. We break down cultural, ethnic, linguistic, age, colour boundaries with one purpose to address the global problems, but always very personal, facing many children, young people and people around the world.

We are challenging to bring all of them the best future we can and fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 to achieve ZERO HUNGER, quality EDUCATION, ON POVERTY and PEACE in the world.

To bring people together around the world means to solve problems together, to see them together and to see together how we can create a more beautiful world for all of us.


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There is no experience better for the heartthan reaching down and lifting people up

Our primary goal is to unite people around the world and show that there is strength in unity. That each of us comes from somewhere but the world is only one. Our goal is to show young people that the only meaning of life is to live a life of love, filled with joy and understanding, where violence and poverty have no place. That education is a fundamental right of each of us and that in unity is the strength that we are one. According to the acquaintance, all for one, one for all.

Our goal is to help and support poor African children and young people who are without parents or in need. We want to help them secure a better future. We want to help provide the most basic things like food and education, health care, better living conditions.

There is only one world and it is common to all of us.