better life

Some gifts are big. Other are small.
But, gifts from hearth,
are the best gifts of all.

Socks and pajamas? Forget it. Give a chance for a better life - your gift will make hundreds of children happy.


Our followers are already well aware of the charity project at a school in Eku, Nigeria, where we are trying to improve infrastructure and teaching conditions. Our partner school lacks basic equipment, school desks, electricity, sports area, water and toilets, computers... we can't even imagine that. Everything is missing there except the desire to learn.

That is why ONETRIBE FOUNDATION is repairing school classrooms, we are buying missing benches, repairing a well, we have started working on creating a computer classroom, we want to repair the sports field, buy school supplies, notebooks, chalks, and most importantly, bring electricity to the school and build toilets.
Thanks to your donation, we can ensure:

– electricity for the school (installation of an electric pole and cable, ensuring a permanent supply of electricity for the school)
– school desks (out of 1000 pupils, only a third have the opportunity to sit in desks)
– renewal of the sports area (renewal of the city for the playground and leisure activities)
– completion of the computer class (purchase of 8 screens for computers)
– reconstruction of toilets (complete reconstruction of toilets, water supply, waste)
Thanks to your donation, we can ensure:

– business support for widows and single women with children,
– financing can be used for a small hairdressing salon in one's own house,
– to buy a sewing machine and open a small tailoring workshop,
– to buy a cassava grinding machine, to buy seeds and fruits for further cultivation and to provide food for the family and further sale.


Widows and single women are marginalized in society in Nigeria. At the same time, it is mostly women who take care of families and children.

As part of the ONETRIBE FOUNDATION project, we will use the funds, for example, to create a small poultry farm around the house, as animal breeding means livelihood and also a source of income from resale. One chicken does not satisfy hunger for a year, but a chicken coop full of hens does. We also want to support women and girls who want to start a business in a tailoring workshop, growing agricultural crops, or in a hairdressing salon.


Give the gift of independence, for a woman or girl who pays her own bills and buys her own things, won't let a man affect her stability and self-confidence. Young girls who cannot find a job after school become economically dependent on a friend, family, man, etc.

ONETRIBE FOUNDATION helps to empower young girls after school to become independent from family and men. The purchase of a sewing machine, a store with hair accessories and cosmetics, the opening of a stall in the market, a small shop with water and additional products, as well as educational courses in the field of computers, etc. All this creates the conditions for economic independence of young women and their life is in their own hands.


Donate a t-shirt - make yourself or someone you love happy and support our activities by spreading our logo. We will distribute the money obtained from the sale of t-shirts to those who need it most.

Thank you for helping to create a better future with ONETRIBE FOUNDATION.

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Better life

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Vedomie, že ste pomohli zlepšiť životy detí v Nigérii vám poskytne dobrý pocit a potešenie. Vďaka finančným darom tiež môžete optimalizovať aj svoje daňové zaťaženie.

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